Bringing international consulting experience to support the growth, development and performance of businesses in the Northwest of the UK so that they can improve their competitiveness in global and local markets


Statistics show that UK productivity lags behind other leading economies. Our work over the last forty years has been aimed at improving productivity in different countries and cultural climates and our aim is to bring these experiences to focus on businesses in the Northwest by taking a holistic view of the people, the processes, the technology and the strategy within businesses.

Iskra’s proposition and its fees will based on the value that it brings to the business and not solely on the day rate

The business was founded by Roy Spencer who in a consulting career spanning forty years has worked at all levels of business from the shop floor to the boardroom. Having worked across the people, process, technology and strategic areas of consulting he is able to take a holistic view of the factors affecting business performance. His country experience includes the UK, Holland, Germany, Portugal, Russia, Uzbekistan, Nigeria, India, Saudi Arabia and the US. He has worked extensively in Russia, where he set up and ran one of the first general consulting practices in the post-perestroika period, working for both multi-nationals and new local companies. The Iskra business model leverages the competencies of the founder in its approach and calls upon an extensive network of associates to deliver the different aspects of the solution when required.